Venue Options

  • The Rose Room:  Seats 12-25 (min of 12)
  • The Blue Willow Room: Seats 6-12 (min. of 6)
  • Both require a $50 non-refundable deposit, however it is applied to the balance. A guest total is due 5 days prior to the event, you may add a few after this date, but this will be the minimum we charge for.  
  • You may choose two entree options and this is what we will offer your guests, ie, Quiche w/salad, or Walnut Chicken Salad w/fruit.  This is accompanied by popovers and cinnamon or strawberry butter, ice tea with the meal and hot tea or coffee with dessert.

Pricing (Includes Tax and Gratuity)

  • $18.85 per person if you do not want dessert
  • $20 per person if you bring in a shower cake  
  • $25.95 per person if you choose our desserts

Outdoor Garden Wedding Venue (Call us at 843-875-2408 to plan)

  • Outdoor Weddings (Up to 75 Guests)
    Site: Ceremony only (includes set up, chairs, clean up)                              $1,000
    Site:  Reception only (includes set up, chairs, tables, linens
                           plates, glassware, flatware, clean up)                                   $1,500
     Site:  Ceremony and Reception   (includes all above)                                 $2,250
    Catering:   Buffet style includes meat and chicken, 2 vegetable               $55/person
                          dishes, salad and dessert (not wedding cake)


Would you love to have your shower or wedding with us? We would love to host it!