Time Well Spent Menu

Lunch is Tuesday-Saturday from 11am-2:30 daily

​Popovers and strawberry butter served with every entree!

Signature Dishes

  • Signature Walnut Chicken Salad w/ fresh fruit and crackers          $10.50
  • Quiche: We have a meat based and a vegetarian based quiche of the day w/green salad    $10.50   
  • Sandwich:  Signature Walnut Chicken Salad on Croissant w/fresh fruit   $10.50
  • ​Rachel Salad:  Green salad with fresh fruit and walnuts w/ crackers      $7.50


  •   Cake slice       $6.00
  •   Spoon cake     $6.00


  • Iced tea    $2.15
  • Hot tea      $3.25
  • Sodas  (coke, diet coke, sprite)   $2.75